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Smart Light Board – Nanoleaf 9 pieces / set


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● Smart Glitter, colorful music world

● Voice control, custom embellishment, light, jump with notes, full color lighting

● Free stitching to stimulate the artist in mind

● The modular design of the triangular plate allows you to distinguish it from the ordinary light bulb at the first sight.

● It can be like the building blocks and the jigsaw puzzle, and it can be put together into the shape you want in your heart, to stimulate the artist in your heart, and the creativity is borderless.

● The novelty gameplay that opens the drain hole is waiting for you to discover

● Color warm and cold, 16 million colors, voice control, custom scenes, follow music jump, brightness and brightness adjustment

● Through the intelligent control of the APP, you can adjust the brightness according to different usage requirements, stepless adjustment, color temperature, brightness and intensity change. With a single stroke, the light can be naturally switched to create a different atmosphere for the home environment.

● Modular free color change, light up your ” colorful ” life

● Inserting the connecting piece easily connects the light board, and the installation and disassembly become so simple. With the use of the APP, each smart illuminating board has 16 million colors, and the heating and cooling light is self-adjusting.

● Rhythm sound instrument, immersed in the colorful music world

● Have you seen music? Connect to the rhythm sound instrument, the odd light board can show every song you like through the dance of the light, feel the rhythm of the radiance, with it, you can enjoy the joy of each note with the visual depth, tart your music party

● 50ms speed response, simultaneous interaction of light and music

● WiFi connection, free to control, smart slab connected to the home WiFi and control through the phone, adjust the light to the appropriate sleep brightness or self-connected off, do not be careful to wake up sleeping baby,

● Energy saving, good light efficiency, longer lasting


● Material: PBC

● Brightness: 100lm

● Color temperature: 1200k – 6500K

● Power: maximum power block 2W

● Maximum power ( power adapter ): 60W

● Whether it can be dimmed: Yes ( Via APP or Voice )

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